La Toubab Noire

skinny_headshotMarissa A. L. Jackson is an Acting Assistant Professor of Lawyering at the NYU School of Law.  She is an attorney by profession, an artist by blood, a social commentator by nature/nurture, a philanthropist by heritage, and an author and scholar at heart. Marissa started this blog after moving to Dakar, Senegal, where she launched a charitable foundation that offers scholarships to public school students.

Marissa was most recently living, writing and rioting (not in the 1967 sense) in Detroit, where she spent the vast majority of her childhood, before returning to New York City as a newlywed and mama.  Marissa also writes for CompareAfrique, and recently gave a TEDx talk entitled “Human Rights, Sankofa, and the Power of Paradigms” in April 2014, at TEDxNorthwesternU. Her essay in defense of social media-based activism in support of the kidnapped Chibok girls was featured in The Guardian in May 2014.

Marissa is a proud Afro-Jamerican, a radical subaltern feminist, post-colonial theorist, tea afficionado, pescetarian, unabashed catlady, a classically trained mezzo-soprano, big sister to three accomplished siblings, daughter of a phenomenal mother and father, and of recent, a runner. Marissa is also a devout adherent of the Christian faith, and finds hope in a progressive, transformative Christian liberation theology. She loves pre-war apartments, music, dance, working out, and ginger, and has also recently begun to enjoy yoga.

Marissa’s scholarship focuses on: the impact of human rights norms upon contract and property law in gentrifying metropoles throughout the post- and neo-colonial African world and Urban North; the relationship between socioeconomic human rights and national security/peace; the implementation of human rights norms in the United States; the relationships between federalism, patriarchy, and racism; and, the rights of women and girls to marry and refuse marriage.

She lives in the Bronx with her husband, son, and beloved furchild.

Follow Marissa on Twitter at @latoubabnoire.

2 thoughts on “La Toubab Noire

  1. Dear Ms. Jackson,

    My name is Eryn Ashleigh and I am a producer for the radio program, Women’s Magazine, on 94.1FM KPFA in Berkeley, CA. I would like to interview you about your article, “Who Will March for Marissa Alexander.” I would like you to share your analysis of the Zimmerman and Alexander trials, and what resulting changes or actions you would like to see in the justice system, and the way Americans deal with racism.

    Women’s Magazine airs Mondays – 1:00p – 2:00p PST on 94.1FM KPFA or online at We focus on airing the news and culture from a feminist perspective. I would like to interview you for a show that will air in October. We are not a live show, so I can interview via skype or in person. I would like to interview you next Friday, September 6 at 3:00p EST. If that tine is not convenient, I am flexible.

    If you are interested and available in doing the interview, please contact me at, or my cell – (505) 385-1173.

    Thank you,
    Eryn Ashleigh

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