back to reality

Originally posted on Fledgling:
My flight home from Dakar was not a happy one, but I’m not going to dwell on that here. I got home safely on Tuesday and my luggage followed two days later. My little car rapide got dinged up a bit but everything else was ok. Now that I have my…

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Somebody is walking off with all our shit: Chapter 2

Because of capitalism and globalization, cosmopolitanism, imperialism, racism and essentialism, along with colonialisms, some cultures are more dominant than others in the world. Nothing new here, right? Others are more demonized, others are disproportionately ignored. And still others are fetishized. Allow me to rant about the latter, just for a moment: Imagine that we lived […]

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I need a break from Internet outrage. The world is terrible, it’s true, and accordingly, if I read or contribute to or comment on or share or instigate concerning the Tea Party or Apartheid in Detroit (yes, it’s real), corruption in FIFA, racism in Brazil, the fact that the world still and always will […]

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