in adoration of black Olympus.

Originally posted on tracing passages:

oh, the giants are dying.
all, the giants are falling.
crumbling and tumbling down
we’re losing our heroes and heroines
left fearful,
we look around

gathered, assembled
the faithful feel hopeless
as the skies turn ways of grey
rolling tears,
streams of fear, intrepid
where do we go from here

then in a moment of despair
from the mass of mourners
rings out a cry
that in falling down before us
our fore-bearers forever rise
our life-givers never die

giants dont fall, or tumble or crumble
in our hopes and dreams they rise
they go on paving ways
casting cloaks of comfort
sparking lights in us
we haven’t known
we do not walk in darkness,
and we never walk alone,
we never walk alone

gathered, assembled
the faithful are hopeful
the sky hosts the light of day
for the giants have risen
when we dry our eyes
we will…

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