Non-Consenting Adults

As of yesterday, my wedding is less than 2 months away. I have been planning my wedding since I was about 6 years old, fantasizing about what it would look like, what I would wear, what it would be like to have all eyes on me for a day. I’ve since grown up, but the […]

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Wolves in Sheeps’ Clothing

What happens when the wolf cries “wolf”? I ask in particular because of the recent interest in comedian Aamer Rahman’s extremely valuable intervention apropos  so-called reverse racism. Over the course of the last week, the under-3 minute segment has gone absolutely viral, even though the piece is several months old. That the popularity of the […]

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I and I

Today, after 30 minutes of agonizing internal negotiations at work, I resolved to end the debate over whether or not I would, in some form or fashion, take his name upon marriage. The fact that I have to think about the issue at all is an insult to my humanity, my autonomy, my full personhood. […]

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Oral Rendition

My father passed away two years ago today, on Bob Marley’s birthday. He told us many, many stories about growing up in Jamaica over the years, and one of the most interesting tidbits he disclosed was that as a teenager, he–my father, the theologian and pastor–was once in a reggae band! But these were stories, […]

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