A is for Arrogance

Baby B: Mommy! Mommy, look! me: Huh? Baby B: I get A. Il faut regarder… (shows me language arts homework)…T’as vu ca? Ca, c’est A! me: Waaw, Babacar, c’est bien, ca. Baby B: Yes. Tout ce que je fais c’est awesome. Hallelujah! me: …(!) Babay B: C’est pour cela je vais avoir beaucoup l’argent. I […]

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White Flag

I have stopped pretending like I don’t know who Baby B is talking to when he screams out “Mommy!” I don’t know who told him my given name wasn’t good enough, and I suspect manipulation on his part, but everyone knows it’s cruel to tell a clingy 2nd grader that you’re-not-his-mom-and-please-call-me-Marissa. “Legal guardian” was just […]

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