Thank you!

To the generous donors (both named and anonymous) who made it possible for 4WI to launch it’s Young Leaders for Parity scholarship program, we say “THANK YOU!” We are so grateful for your generosity and your belief in 4WI’s work. We look forward to allocating the scholarships directly to the Scholars’ high schools in the […]

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On Writer’s Block.

Thank God for it.   I have never, ever said that, and it’s likely that I won’t say it too many times in the future. Writing, after all, is what I DO. It’s what I did to get into college, and then into law school. I hand-wrote my Masters’ of Laws exams in London. I […]

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No one will accuse me of being a film editor.

This video is really just a poorly-edited photo collage I managed to put together, of 4th World Initiative’s first meeting with our first class of scholarship winners. The 7 scholarship recipients are a brilliant bunch of lovely children from the CM-2 (8th grade) class at Ecole Mour Diop, in Dakar’s gritty Medina neighborhood.

The day of this meeting will always mean a lot to me because the children were happy, but didn’t yet have a real understanding of what had just happened to them–it was, for them, part of an awakening that I am still unable to fully articulate. Some of their parents thought they had gotten into trouble and were surprised to hear that THEIR children had been selected for anything good! But by the end of the meeting, as you can see, everyone was beaming from ear to ear! They embody all the work and hustle and “sufferation” I experienced in Dakar and I’m grateful to have found them–and the opportunity to work with them throughout their high school careers. Fingers crossed for their high school entrance results!

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