Lola Rae, “Watch My Ting Go”

Because some of us require music to survive Mondays.

One of the most amusing lessons I learned in Dakar was that loathing Mondays is a global affair. Everyone hates Monday. It doesn’t matter if you slave on Wall Street or if you are a 70-something retiree enjoying your “retraite” in front of your sandy family compound with your prayer beads and revolving cups of attaya and cafe touba.

Mondays suck for everyone. Their only redeeming quality is that if you’re suffering through them, it means “Yippee! Congratulations! You haven’t died!” They are stressful, jarring, and always too long. And they always become history after 11:59pm.

Hang in there, people.

And if you like to rebel against the Monday grind like I do, have a look and a listen at this delightfully body-positive club banger from Rachel Funmilola Garton, the Ghanaian-Nigerian-British dynamo who is better known as Lola Rae.

For more information on Lola Rae and her progressive, body-positive music video, check out the super-popular interview she gave to the BBC late last year.

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