Fresh Meat

A new shipment of toubabs is here from France. Excellent. Not only does this mean I may get to crash their dance classes (Sabar AND djembe! Waaaaaaw waaaw! For a fee, of course), but it means that I am no longer the only etrangere chez Yaye. This means that I can blend into the background […]

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Yesterday, I came to the house early in the morning to take Fatou Mbaye to school and I saw the tents being put up. I thought it was a bapteme. But that’s odd, I thought, I never heard anything about a bapteme. What am I going to wear?  As I walked into the courtyard of […]

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Cockfight (Roostergate)

I should explain myself. I don’t make a practice of insulting animals or inciting them to commit suicide; the rooster and I have a history. He is a great excuse for the reason why I do not spend nights Chez Yaye unless absolutely necessary. Last Saturday night, it was absolutely necessary, since we were all […]

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Extending Family.

My step-son-to-be turns 8 today. His birthday experience has been ridiculously expensive so far, but I haven’t minded. Which means it’s quite possible that I love this little boy. I’m running off to a meeting now, but when I’m done, I will rush home to prepare for his birthday party, even though I’m exhausted.    […]

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Takeifa: Rocking Dakar

Originally posted on Africa is a Country:
Some music videos take you by surprise. One such video is the brand new offering by the Senegalese band Takeifa, called “Supporter”. Takeifa is band of siblings from the Keita family headed by brother Jac. According to soundcloud fable, Jac Keita experienced his musical calling at the tender age…

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