Gut Check.

The only regrets I have in life today spring from decisions I made to put off doing the things I knew I wanted and needed to do in favor of things people told me I should do. There are some opportunities you never get back. The greatest blessings I have in life today spring from […]

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Teacher, Don’t Teach Me Nonsense: On Bill Cosby, Fela, and Other Wrongly Exalted Heroes.

Do I see man as being naturally superior to women? Naturally. ~ Fela Kuti Since we’re telling truths about our community “heroes” this week… Are we not OVER the narrative, propagated by progressive, pan-African and Afro-centric artists (mostly men), of Fela Kuti as a revolutionary hero and symbol of global Black liberation? If you know anything about him, you […]

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Happy Birthday. Mr. President.

As if things were not awkward enough, I realized halfway through the meal I hadn’t yet been served that I wasn’t the only problem in the room. We had screwed up, or something. So spoiled we had become, with our warm, progressive friends, many of whom were heading to or returning from the altar in […]

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One day, you will meet each other et ce sera la guerre. In this big, big city that is way too small for dysfunction of such magnitude and all the sins you pardoned, even against yourselves. It will not end well but there may be Justice. Yes, ce sera la guerre. I do not know […]

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Resistance Training.

After a couple years of very consistent and judgmental nagging, Le Spouse just left to go to the gym, for the first time ever. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it’s open enrollment season and I just got him a life insurance policy this morning and informed him that if he […]

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I can’t breathe on this train. It isn’t crowded, but you are staring and making yourself much bigger than you are, or deserve to be. You are staring at me as if I do not matter, not giving me the respect of just staring me dead in the eyes so that I can truly confront […]

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